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Why and how should I align data from a 911plus CTD?

The T-C Duct on a 911plus imposes a fixed delay (lag time) between the temperature measurement and the conductivity measurement reported in a given data scan. The delay is due to the time it takes for water to transit from the thermistor to the conductivity cell,...

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Is the StorX Clock set to Local Time or UTC Time ?

By default the clock of the StorX is set to UTC time rather than local time.The StorX will add a UTC timestamp to each data frame that it collects.The schedule.txt file on board the StorX is a daily schedule, and represents a 24 hour period (00:00 to 24:00). The...

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Can an ISUS V2 be used with ISUSCom?

No. An ISUS V2 does not have the correct hardware to be used with ISUSCom. If you have an ISUS V2, and wish to use it with this software, please contact Sea-Bird Scientific Customer Support to discuss upgrading your ISUS.

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Each year on June 8th, the United Nations celebrates World Oceans Day - each year promoting a new theme of action needed for our oceans, and ultimately our planet. Nonprofit organizations, governmental agencies, companies, and individuals around the globe join...

Sea-Bird University Session Recording: The New HydroCAT-EP V2

The new HydroCAT-EP V2 provides some useful upgrades and tools for extending your deployment length. Watch our latest Sea-Bird University session to learn how to use, maintain, and process data from our latest multiparameter instrument. This is a recording of the...

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