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HydroCAT-EP V2 Upgrade Offer

The new HydroCAT-EP V2 has increased durability for long-term moored deployments in the open ocean, coastal, and freshwater coastal environments. Enhanced sealing surfaces throughout the instrument provide greater reliability in inhospitable conditions, ensuring high quality data from deployment to recovery.

For users of the HydroCAT-EP V1, the most significant upgrade you will experience is to the modular pH sensor. The HydroCAT-EP V2 now features a flushing port for the pH sensor that allows users to remove corrosive seawater before uninstalling the pH sensor. This helps to prevent damage to the pH sensor’s connector and simplifies the instrument’s care and maintenance for future deployments. In addition, two captured screws on the pH sensor create a more secure connection to the HydroCAT-EP V2’s body.

This new pH sensor is not backward compatible with the V1 instrument body due to mechanical changes for the improved sealing surface. Therefore, the upgrade to the V2 includes a new pH sensor and some small physical changes to the V1. Sea-Bird Scientific highly recommends upgrading your HydroCAT-EP V1 to a V2 before your next deployment. If you own a V1, we are providing offers to support your transition to the improved version.

If you purchased a HydroCAT-EP V1 after November 2020 and have not deployed it:

  • Sea-Bird Scientific will provide complementary standard servicing and upgrade your equipment at no charge. This Includes the mechanical upgrade to HydroCAT-EP V2, new pH sensor, change in firmware to 6.0.0, and supply of UCI 2.0.4 via the provided CD.
  • This applies to all units that have been both purchased but not deployed from November 2020 to today.

If you purchased a HydroCAT-EP before November 2020, or have deployed your recently purchased HydroCAT-EP V1:

  • For the standard service fee, Sea-Bird Scientific will provide normal service/calibration, and will upgrade the HydroCAT-EP at no extra charge. This includes the mechanical upgrade to HydroCAT-EP, new pH sensor, change in firmware to 6.0.0, and supply of UCI 2.0.4 via the provided CD.
  • This applies to all units that have been both purchased and deployed from November 2020 to today.

To return the equipment for an upgrade:

Submit a new RMA Service Request and select the option for the “HCEP_V2_UPGRADE” in the Services dropdown after selecting the Model Number as either HydroCAT-EP or HydroCAT-EP-ODO:

Screenshot of the Sea-Bird Scientific Service RMA Form

If you have any questions, reach out to our Sales or Service teams at or

December 28, 2021

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