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Inductive Modem SeaFET/SeapHOx V2

April 2019 Newsletter

Inductive Modem

Sea-Bird Scientific’s line of ISFET pH sensors only communicate via RS-232. However, savvy integrators can utilize the SBE 44 Underwater Inductive Modem as the link between the SeaFET/SeapHOx and an existing inductive modem mooring, providing long-term measurements of pH with little additional hardware.

Inductive Modem Operation Description


The SBE 44 Underwater Inductive Modem is a flexible tool—when configured properly, it can enable inductive modem communication for virtually any RS-232 instrument. Adapting a serial instrument on an inductive modem mooring allows users to transmit commands and request data over a jacketed mooring wire, without the need for a direct electrical connection.

Inductive Modem System

The SeaFET V2 and SeapHOx V2, two moored pH sensors designed for long-term deployments, are a natural fit for installation on existing inductive modem moorings. Read our tech note to learn how to integrate these ISFET pH sensors with an SBE 44.

April 1, 2019

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