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Blog Home » How to Obtain an RMA for Service and Calibration

How to Obtain an RMA for Service and Calibration

Factory service and calibration is a crucial aspect of using instruments from Sea-Bird Scientific. Our expert Service team and world class calibration facility ensures that your equipment works reliably and is ready to provide scientifically defensible data. To obtain an RMA number for service and calibration, follow these instructions.

  1. Go to This page contains general information on service at Sea-Bird Scientific, as well as any recent updates.
  2. Click on the blue RMA Form Button
  3. Select the location for service
Which instruments are serviced in Bellevue, WA?

Send fully assembled CTD systems to Bellevue, WA. Sea-Bird will dismantle the system, service each sensor individually in the appropriate facility, then reassemble it in the initial as-received configuration.

  • All numbered products that start with SBE (e.g. SBE 3, SBE 9plus, etc.)
  • AFM
  • Glider CTDs
  • HydroCAT
  • HydroCAT-EP
  • IMM
  • PDIM
  • SUNA
  • UCTD
  • SeaFET/SeapHOx
  • HarvestWatch
Which instruments are serviced in Philomath, OR?
  • ACS
  • AC9
  • BAM
  • ECO
  • HydroCycle
  • SeaOWL
  • MCOM
  • WET Star
  • DH4
  • StorX
  • UBAT
  • PCCS
  • WQM
  • REMA
  • REMB
  • PAR
  • HyperPRO II
  • OCR
  • HyperOCR
  • MicroPRO
  • Tilt Sensor
  • Bioshutter
Which instruments are Serviced in Kempten, Germany?
  • SBE 3
  • SBE 4
  • SBE 5
  • SBE 9
  • SBE 11
  • SBE 17
  • SBE 16
  • SBE 18
  • SBE 19
  • SBE 21
  • SBE 25
  • SBE 26
  • SBE 27
  • SBE 29
  • SBE 32
  • SBE 33
  • SBE 36
  • SBE 37
  • SBE 38
  • SBE 39
  • SBE 45
  • SBE 49
  • SBE 50
  • SBE 52
  • SBE 56
  • PDIM
  1. Fill out your contact information. This is important for us to communicate service updates
  2. Fill out your payment, end user, and shipping information
    • Payment can be the same as the customer contact information.
    • End User information is to determine who will be using the serviced equipment. This can be the same as the customer contact information.
  3. In the “Instrument List” section, identify each instrument that you are shipping for service and request specific service jobs for each.
    • Example: for a 19plus V2 CTD with an SBE 43, SBE 18, and ECO FLNTU, specify all three units, and requested service for each.
      List of instruments to be serviced at Sea-Bird Scientific, and the requested services.
    • If your sensors are part of a CTD package, send the fully assembled CTD to Bellevue, WA. Sea-Bird will dismantle the system, service each sensor individually, then reassemble it in the initial as-received configuration.
    • For standard calibration/recertification, select Standard Service. For additional services (e.g. connector upgrades, optional hardware upgrades), select the appropriate option from the dropdown menu. If you do not know, select “Standard Service” and include your request in the notes. Our Service team will reach out to determine what you need.
  4. Fill in the Service Questions, Requested Return Date & Notes section

    • Sea-Bird Scientific does not calibrate instruments that are not made in our Bellevue or Philomath facility. When sending third-party sensors to Sea-Bird Scientific, specify whether you want us to send them to the original manufacturer for service/calibration.
    • RMAs with multiple instruments may be split for faster return, or can be shipped all at once. Maybe make a comment about how to best do this. For example, should the customer request separate RMAs or is splitting easy and customer can just say, “I authorize split shipments’?
    • Specify your requested ship date and the deployment date of your equipment. We will do our best to accommodate your deployment schedule.
    • If you have been working with a Sea-Bird associate, specify the Case Number (if working with Technical Support) and the associate’s name. This will aid in troubleshooting your equipment, if necessary.
  5. Optionally, look up the status of your RMA with the RMA Lookup Tool. You will need your RMA number and the key provided via email when you submit your RMA request.

February 17, 2022

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