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SeaFET 0.6 Trade-in Offer

Sea-Bird Scientific introduced the SeaFET V2 and SeapHOx V2 in 2018. These products brought several improvements to our line of ISFET pH products, including higher reliability and dramatically improved calibration quality. The V2 models are the current offering and recommended instrument from Sea-Bird Scientific within the SeaFET product family.

Our release of the SeaFET V2 was in response to parts obsolescence constraints that may leave a SeaFET V1 and SeaFET 0.6 unrepairable. This upgrade also addressed instabilities within the V0.6 and V1 hardware that can lead to inconsistent calibrations and poor sensor performance. Due to these issues, the repair of V0.6 and V1 instruments requires a longer turnaround time and may result in our inability to repair. Given these limitations, it is highly recommended that all customers move to the SeaFET V2.

Sea-Bird Scientific is offering an upgrade option for owners of the SeaFET V1. SeaFETs with serial number 201 – 999 can be upgraded to a SeaFET V2 if they are operational. SeaFETs with serial number 0 – 200 have SeaFET 0.6 hardware that cannot be upgraded. Sea-Bird Scientific is offering a trade-in discount of $1,900 USD towards a new SeaFET V2.

Upgrades and trade-ins of the SeaFET 0.6 and SeaFET V1 are valid until December 31, 2022. After this time we will offer limited service (Durafet replacement only) and calibration of the V1 and 0.6 models. To initiate the upgrade process for a functional SeaFET V1, please obtain an RMA number. To obtain a quote for a new SeaFET V2 and inquire about the trade-in discount, please contact for more information.

December 2, 2021

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