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Product Update | AC-9 Discontinuation and Service Timelines

Product Update | AC-9 Discontinuation and Service Timelines

In 2011, the Sea-Bird Scientific AC-9 (formerly WETLabs AC-9) was discontinu­ed and replaced by the Sea-Bird Scientific AC-S. We recognize that many users rely on Sea-Bird Scientific products for several years, so we have continued to offer Best Effort Service for the...

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Announcing the NEW SBS 83 In-Air Oxygen Sensor

We are so excited to announce the launch of our SBS 83 Optical Oxygen Sensor, which is set to become the standard for Navis floats as part of the GO-BGC program, which is meant to build a network of chemical and biological sensors to monitor global ocean health. This...

The Oceanography Society Early Career Awards Ceremony 2022

Watch the Awards Ceremony The Virtual Awards Ceremony took place on Thursday, October 27th.  _______________________________________________________________ We are excited to announce Sea-Bird Scientific is hosting a virtual Awards Ceremony in collaboration with one...

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