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Paperclips – Valuable Troubleshooting Tools?

Paperclips – Valuable Troubleshooting Tools?

January 2020 Newsletter Paperclips are handy, but have you used one to troubleshoot an oceanographic sensor? When you’re unable to communicate with your instrument, the humble paperclip is one of the first tools that Sea-Bird Scientific’s technical support team...

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Pride 2023

Celebrating and honoring our LGBTQIA+ communities At Sea-Bird Scientific, we are proud to stand with members of the LGBTQIA+ community during Pride Month 2023. As with last year, we changed our logo on social media to feature a rainbow throughout the month of June in...

Partner Spotlight | Passion for Ocean Science with Ellen Kappel

We are proud to work with such excellent partners, one of them being the team over at Oceanography Magazine! This month, we are excited to feature Ellen Kappel, Oceanography Magazine Editor, for our May Partner Spotlight. Oceanography magazine is an excellent source...

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