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How do I use Polled Mode of Operation on my SUNA?

The polled mode setting allows the user to program the SUNA to sample when a command is sent. Customers who would like to integrate an SDI-12 controller with their SUNA should use the polled mode setting. Please note that the SDI-12 operation is not available on SUNA...

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Can I program my SUNA to start at a preferred time?

Unfortunately, users cannot currently program their SUNA to start at a preferred time. As soon as the SUNA is powered, the instrument will begin it’s programmed sampling mode on the hour. Users can use the offset feature to change the start time. For example, an...

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How do I use Continuous Mode on my SUNA V2?

The continuous mode setting allows the user to program their SUNA to run continuously for an indefinite amount of time. When power is supplied to the SUNA, it will start data acquisition without an end time or maximum number of frames to measure. In general, we do not...

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We hope to see you at UG2 '24 We are excited to sponsor the upcoming 2024 Glider Workshop in Ann Arbor, Michigan, from September 10 - 12, 2024.  Overview This workshop will bring together the global underwater glider community to strengthen international collaboration...

Pride 2024

Celebrating and honoring our LGBTQIA+ communities It is in our DNA at Sea-Bird Scientific to embrace community and the beauty in diversity. As during previous Pride Months, we have changed our logo on social media to feature the colors of Pride throughout the month of...

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