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ADMT-24 Meeting

Sea-Bird Scientific is excited to be attending ADMT-24 in Hobart, Tasmania from October 23 – 27.

The Argo Data Management Team Meeting is a time for the data managers who contribute to international Argo to come together and discuss technical matters pertaining to the Argo data stream.

During the week, the ADMT-24 meeting will cover all data management related topics, including:

  • the real time data stream for OneArgo
  • the delayed mode data stream for OneArgo
  • the pilot data
  • GDAC status
  • format and vocabulary issues
  • data access and archival

Associates Attending:

  1. Eric Rehm | Senior Oceanographer
  2. Jochen Klinke | Director of Science
  3. Genevieve Howell | Director of Products & Global Services


  • Eric Rehm (Sea-Bird Scientific) | CDOM calibration announcement
    • Monday, 10/23 @ 11:45am
  • Eric Rehm (Sea-Bird Scientific), Brian King (NOC) | Update machine readable metadata working group: provide feedback on draft format
    • Thursday, 10/26 @ 2:30pm
    • This presentation by Brian King (NOC) and Eric Rehm (SBS) will describe the present state of a project to define JSON schemas that define JSON documents that will exchange machine-readable Argo float metadata between platform and sensor makers and users. The intention is to make for files robustly machine readable, which will dramatically speed up users’ access to metadata, and reduce errors. The present status (13 Oct 2023) combines efforts from RBR, NOC, SIO/UW and Sea-Bird Scientific.

If you are planning to attend the meeting, we look forward to seeing you there.

October 17, 2023

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