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Earth Day with Sea-Bird Scientific

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Celebrating Earth Day with Sea-Bird Scientific

Sea-Bird Scientific is proud to play a part in protecting and better understanding our oceans, and ultimately our planet.  We are so grateful to work collaborators, partners, and customers, who are doing instrumental research in determining how our planet is being affected by climate change, ocean acidification, and more. From the HyperNAV Program as part of the NASA PACE Mission, to the Argo Program, we are proud to play a part in such elemental global initiatives to better our understanding of our planet.

While our daily work enables us to have a positive impact on our planet, this year we wanted to take it one step further. We made a donation to One Tree Planted on behalf of each of our associates, an organization that plants one tree for every dollar donated.

We asked one of our associates: Kristyn Keefe, Marketing Director, to give us her thoughts about how she feels about Sea-Bird Scientific’s support of One Tree Planted.  Here’s what she had to say:

At Sea-Bird Scientific, we naturally spend a lot of time thinking about the impact of ocean science on climate change and the world in which we live. This Earth Day I am excited that we are able to plant a tree on behalf of each Sea-Bird associate to celebrate the larger ecosystem and reinforce our commitment to conservation – in the ocean and beyond. “

Interested to know more about what One Tree Planted does?

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While our core vision is to power science-based decisions for a better ocean, we understand that the longevity of our planet is dependent on a holistic perspective of conservation and restoration, which includes our terrestrial ecosytems. Curious how you can celebrate Earth Day this year?

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April 22, 2023

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