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H20 Conference 2023

h20 conference sea-bird scientific

Come and see us at the upcoming H20 Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.  Natalie Zielinski, Product Manager, and Janelle Hrycik, Sales Engineer, will be onsite to answer your questions and discuss how our oceanographic instrumentation can be used on your next program. Come and say hello at booth #107!

About the Show

“The Home to Overseas Conference (H20), is rapidly becoming Canada’s premier event for the ocean technology sector and is attracting significant international participation—there were 25 countries, represented in 2021.”

Demonstrations and Presentations

Janelle and Natalie will also be facilitating an onsite demo in Tech Alley on June 14.  Come and stop by their table from 10am – 5pm to learn more about solutions related to our HydroCAT-EP V2, our multiparameter CTD. More details below:

Sea-Bird Scientific will demonstrate the new HydroCAT-EP V2 moored sensor, capable of long-term monitoring of temperature, conductivity, pressure, pH, turbidity, chlorophyll, and oxygen. There will be instrumentation available for hands-on interaction, and we will show attendees how to calibrate the pH sensor, how to properly care for and store the HydroCAT-EP V2, and how to interact with the company-supplied software for sensor set-up and data control. The time required to walk an attendee through all of the above topics is 20-30 minutes; however, we are able to adjust the demonstration based on the attendees’ interests, questions, and application.

Data sheets and various printouts on the sensor will also be available.

Learn about COVE Demo Day 2023 here

Our experts

Janelle Hrycik, Sales Engineer

Natalie Zielinski

Natalie Zielinski, Product Manager


June 5, 2023

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