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Announcing the NEW LED AC-S

We are more than ecstatic to announce the release of the NEW LED AC-S Spectral Absorption and Attenuation Sensor. It is the first of its kind, and a standalone transmissometer in the market.

The AC-S provides in-situ optical data of beam transmission and absorption over a minimum of 75 wavelengths in real-time. From climate modeling and ocean color validation, to carbon cycling, this broad spectrum attenuation sensor, with its new LED installation, will enable you to gather more data without it leaving the water, allowing you to make the most informed decisions. AC-S is the top tier optical instrument SBS produces, and one that has no equal in the market.

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Key benefits:
  • Performance
    • The new LED lamp provides the sensor with a known 10,000 hour lifetime.
    • Increased resolution (reduction of noise) of the A and C measurements in the “blue” wavelengths.
  • Service
    • The turnaround time will be more consistent and faster by using a more reliable technology. This keeps the sensor in the water longer, and means you can garner more data!
  • Design
    • Individual WLED assembly characterization that includes a 48 hour burn in, temperature test (-10 – 50 deg), and a shock test.
Download the datasheet
  • Validation and Interpolation of Remotely Sensed Ocean Color Data  The AC-S plays a critical role in helping researchers develop meaningful data for ocean color images of oceans and lakes. They also provide much needed understanding of biologic processes occurring below the ocean surface. In effect they provide a critical link between imagery and underlying biology and chemistry.
  • Carbon Studies Understanding the ocean carbon cycle is a critical science question of our modern era. The AC-S plays an important role in these efforts though its ability to characterize phytoplankton and colored organic matter in the ocean.
  • HAB (Harmful algal blooms) Studies Utilize the AC-S to help identify and determine concentrations of potential harmful algal bloom agents
  • OOI The AC-S was a deemed a key measurement requirement for the OOIs global and regional observational arrays. While the OOI is now in an operation and maintenance phase, ongoing service and replacement business is expected to continue.

Poster created by Dr. Eric Rehm, Senior Oceanographer for Ocean Optics 2022 Conference

AC-S LED Eric Rehm Poster

March 6, 2023

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