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SBE 37 MicroCAT

SBE 37 MicroCAT

The SBE 37 MicroCAT is a high-accuracy conductivity, temperature, and optional pressure recorder with an integrated Inductive Modem (IM) interface, internal batteries, memory, optional pump, and optional optical dissolved oxygen sensor. The MicroCAT is designed for long-duration deployments on moorings.

Data is recorded in memory and can be transmitted when polled through inductive modem telemetry. Measured data are output in engineering units. Memory capacity exceeds 530,000 samples. Sampling every 2 minutes, the MicroCAT can be deployed for 2 years (battery endurance exceeds memory capacity).

SBE 37 MicroCAT

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SBE 37 MicroCAT Key Features:

  • Moored Conductivity, Temperature, and Pressure (optional), with user-programmable sampling — 6-sec to 6-hour intervals, or continuous (1.0 sec without pressure, 1.5 sec with pressure)
  • RS-232 interface.
  • Internal memory, external power
  • Expendable anti-foulant devices for bio-fouling protection
  • 350 m plastic or 7000 m titanium housing
  • Seasoft© V2 Windows software package (setup, data upload, and data processing)
  • Field-proven MicroCAT family, with more than 10,000 instruments deployed
  • Five-year limited warranty

The SBE 37 comes in three different variations:

See below for specs for each configuration:

37 SMP ODO Comparison Chart


How to Deploy, Recover, and Get Data with Moored Instruments

Learn about the Sea-Bird MicroCAT, the SBE 37: how to set it up, verify functionality, deploy and recover data from the instrument. Dr. Kim Martini takes you through applications, use cases, and will enable you to understand your instrument better following this third module of Sea-Bird University 2021.

Real-Time Data Moorings Using Inductive Modem Communications

Sea-Bird Scientific’s inductive modem technology provides a convenient, economical, and reliable solution that enables real-time oceanography. Miguel Moll of EMS provides an extensive overview of inductive moorings and examples of real-time systems deployed around the world at Ocean Business 2023 in Southampton, UK.

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August 16, 2023

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