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Blog Home » Site Consolidation for a Better Customer Experience

Site Consolidation for a Better Customer Experience

Sea-Bird Scientific is consolidating our US-based operations into one site. Through this consolidation, we will be able to simplify the customer experience, reduce turnaround times, and foster innovation. Sea-Bird Scientific is who we are because of our people, and for that reason, your key points of contact will not change.

Now, we are able to sharpen our focus on our vision of powering science-based decisions for a better ocean, and our commitment to the ocean science community.

See common questions answered below:

What if I have an open RMA against Philomath?  

We will be contacting customers and providing new shipping labels for Bellevue.

What if I already shipped my instrument to Philomath, or accidentally ship it there?  

We are working on our end to ensure that any instruments sent to Philomath are redirected appropriately.  Have any other questions? Please contact us.

Please see our below formal announcement:

February 3, 2023

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