Blog Home » Sea-Bird Scientific will soon be part of Veralto!

Blog Home » Sea-Bird Scientific will soon be part of Veralto!

Sea-Bird Scientific will soon be part of Veralto!

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Sea-Bird Scientific will soon be part of Veralto!

We’re excited to share some news – later this year, Sea-Bird Scientific will be part of a new public company – Veralto!

As you may know, Sea-Bird Scientific has been part of Danaher as our parent company since 2008. In September 2022, Danaher announced their decision to separate its environmental & applied solutions segment to create an independent, publicly traded company.  

This new company will be called Veralto and will launch in Q4 of this year. This separation will bring Sea-Bird Scientific and the other water and environmental businesses together under one single unified purpose of safeguarding the world’s most vital natural resources. Through this new public company, we shall increase our impact around the world through even more targeted investments in environmental and applied science businesses.

At Sea-Bird Scientific, our team is excited and proud to play a key role in driving the future success of this new enterprise along with our global colleagues at Hach, ChemTreat, Trojan, OTT HydroMet, McCrometer, XOS, Videojet, Esko, X-Rite Pantone and Linx. For our existing customers, please know that our brand, our customer interfaces, and our commitment to our customers remain intact. We believe that our mission of Advancing Ocean Science is more important today and moving forward than ever before. 

We will continue to share updates and look forward to continuing to drive our vision of powering science-based decisions for a better ocean, as part of Veralto in the future.

Curious to learn more? Check out this Global Water Intelligence article and watch the Veralto launch video

April 8, 2023

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