Blog Home » Webinar | Forging Your Career in Academia and Industry with The Oceanography Society and Sea-Bird Scientific

Blog Home » Webinar | Forging Your Career in Academia and Industry with The Oceanography Society and Sea-Bird Scientific

Webinar | Forging Your Career in Academia and Industry with The Oceanography Society and Sea-Bird Scientific

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The Oceanography Society (TOS) and Sea-Bird Scientific are proud to partner in hosting a webinar focused on sharing insights and advice with current students or recent graduates on how they can transition from their education to a role in academia and/or industry.

This live event will take place via Zoom, and will feature Deborah Bronk, The Oceanography Society President, Genevieve Howell, Sea-Bird Scientific Director of Products and Global Services, and Jochen Klinke, Sea-Bird Scientific Director of Science.

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Meet Your Speakers

Deborah Bronk | President, The Oceanography Society @ The Oceanography Society

deborah bronk, president the oceanography societyDeborah Bronk is the President and CEO of the Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences. She holds a BS in marine science and biology from the University of Miami (1986), a PhD in Marine Estuarine and Environmental Science from the University of Maryland (1992), and was a post-doctoral scholar at the University of California, Santa Cruz (1993). In 1994, she joined the faculty of the Department of Marine Science at the University of Georgia where she became a tenured associate professor in 1998. She moved to the Virginia Institute of Marine Science in 2000 where she later served as the chair of the Department of Physical Science. From 2012-2015, she served at the National Science Foundation (NSF) ultimately as director of the Division of Ocean Sciences, where she oversaw a budget of $356M and was responsible for programs in Biological, Chemical, and Physical Oceanography, and Marine Geology and Geophysics, and ocean research facilities including the Ocean Observing Initiative, ocean drilling, and NSF use of the US research fleet.




Genevieve Howell | Director, Products & Global Services @ Sea-Bird Scientific

genevieve howellGenevieve is a strategic and innovative leader in the oceanography industry, serving as Sea-Bird Scientific’s Director, Products & Global Services, for the last three years. She has been with Sea-Bird Scientific for over 20 years, having had various roles within the Metrology, Operations, Service, and Product Management Teams, starting with a role as a Calibration Technician right out of graduate school. Though she has held various roles, one her most outstanding scientific achievements is her forging of a path in best practices for conductivity measurements, which was presented at the AGU Ocean Sciences Conference in 2010.



Jochen Klinke | Director, Science @ Sea-Bird Scientific

jochen klinkeJochen Klinke is the Director of Science at Sea-Bird Scientific. He received his M.S. and Ph.D. in Physics from Heidelberg University (Germany). His post-graduate research focused on imaging techniques for studying air-sea interactions in the laboratory (NASA’s Wallops Island Air-Sea Interaction Facility) and in the ocean (Scripps Institution of Oceanography). In 2005, he transitioned from academia to Teledyne Ocean Science to lead the commercialization of shipboard underway instrumentation, before joining Product Management at Sea-Bird Scientific in 2016.






Any attendees that find themselves in the Seattle area are also invited to attend an in-person happy hour/networking event following the live stream. RSVP required.

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May 1, 2023

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