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Blog Home » World Oceans Week at Sea-Bird Scientific: World Oceans Day 2022

World Oceans Week at Sea-Bird Scientific: World Oceans Day 2022

world oceans week

Each year on June 8th, the United Nations celebrates World Oceans Day – each year promoting a new theme of action needed for our oceans, and ultimately our planet. Nonprofit organizations, governmental agencies, companies, and individuals around the globe join together to celebrate our oceans, and to brainstorm ideas to continue to protect and preserve them as some of our greatest natural resources.

This year, the theme as designated by the United Nations is: Revitalization: Collective Action for the Planet

To kickoff World Oceans Week 2022, the UN will be hosting a hybrid in-person event at the New York UN headquarters, with a virtual live stream from 10am EDT – 1:30pm EDT, which you can RSVP for here.

From the UN on this event: 

“The ocean connects, sustains, and supports us all. Yet its health is at a tipping point and so is the well-being of all that depends on it. As the past years have shown us, we need to work together to create a new balance with the ocean that no longer depletes its bounty but instead restores its vibrancy and brings it new life.

Join us for United Nations World Oceans Day 2022 — hosted by the United Nations Division for Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea, Office of Legal Affairs, with the generous contribution of Oceanic Global, which is made possible by La Mer — as we shed light on the communities, ideas, and solutions that are working together to protect and revitalize the ocean and everything it sustains.”

Sea-Bird Scientific is a key player in the journey to better understand how our oceans are changing, and help guide decisions through quality data and proper program implementation. From the internationally known Argo program, to collaboration with governmental agencies such as NOAA, Sea-Bird Scientific is partnering with some of the biggest leaders in innovative ocean science. Throughout World Oceans Week 2022 from June 8 – June 15, we’ll be sharing insight into some of the coolest ocean science projects we are involved with, along with some impactful initiatives our partners are working on.


June 7, 2022

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