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Ocean Business 2023 Recap

We were so grateful for another successful year at Ocean Business in Southampton, UK. This year, we sent a cross functional team consisting of sales, marketing, science, service, and more, to ensure that we had a large associate group on-hand that could answer a diverse set of questions.

A new initiative at our booth this year was the ability for attendees to choose to donate to an ocean-related charity of their choice in lieu of physical swag. Here’s how it worked: we allocated a set amount of total dollars we would be donated.  In our booth, we set up a voting system where attendees could cast their vote with a darling sea creature figurine into one of three bowls that corresponded with a charity.  The amount of votes were tallied up in each bowl at the end of the event, and the money was split and donated according to the votes.  In short your participation makes a tangible difference! 

We were excited to donate to the following organizations this year:

Thank you to all of those that contributed, in total – we donated over $2,000 dollars to these ocean-related causes.  We look forward to supporting similiar causes moving forward.

Beginning on Monday, April 17, we hosted our traditional rep and distributor event, to bring together our phenomenal channel partners from across the globe that work directly with our customers to provide Sea-Bird Scientific solutions to their greatest challenges. We are grateful to be part of a community of those who are passionate about enabling the science that matters.

View the gallery here:

Thank you to everyone that came out to our rep event! It was such a pleasure to connect with you all.

Throughout the entirety of Ocean Business, our booth was consistently packed with passionate ocean advocates, scientists, and researchers, and more, who were all curious how they can utilize Sea-Bird Scientific instrumentation to power the data in their program.

Watch our overview video from Instagram here:


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See our gallery here:

Presentations at Ocean Business

We were so grateful to have Miguel Moll, EMS Sistemas de Monitorizacion Medio Ambiental, Sea-Bird’s long time channel partner for Spain and France, present on inductive modem technology. Miguel has consistently showcased his expertise, and we are proud to have him as one of our integral European channel partners.

Watch Miguel’s presentation below, Real-Time Data Moorings Using Inductive Modem Communications:

Thank you to Miguel for facilitating for such a comprehensive and insightful presentation!

Next, our very own Genevieve Howell, Director of Products & Global Services, and Jochen Klinke, Director of Science, gave a presentation on their journeys through ocean science in the Ocean Business Careers Sessions. This session is called, Impactful Careers in Ocean Science. Watch now:

Thank you to all those that came to ask excellent questions at our booth following the presentation!

On Wednesday, Jochen Klinke, Director of Science, also gave a presentation on Advances in Biogeochemical Sensors at Sea-Bird Scientific.

Next, we have Dr. Eric Rehm presenting on the latest in our optical sensing portfolio.  Listen as he discusses developments in the new AC-S Spectral Absorption and Attenuation Sensor, in addition to real-world applications of optical oceanographic data.

April 14, 2023

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